June 17, 2010

Monday, June 14th

 According to my computer it is 1:28 a.m. but apparently my computer is still on Alabama time because it's 2:28 according to the alarm clock in the hotel room.

I woke up about an hour ago (maybe less) not feeling well. This seems to happen a lot when I'm staying in a hotel and I have to get up early. I'm not sure if it's nerves or what but it never fails that I end up feeling sick and having to stay up another hour or two because every time I lay down a wave of nausea comes over me.

Since I'm feeling this way I decided there was no time better to
write another entry to my blog to talk about today, although Disney doesn't have internet at their hotels so I'm not sure when you will actually be reading this.

So to start off, I woke my parents up at 3. We were running around the house trying to make sure everything was packed. The longer they took though, the more stuff I  would find and remember "Oh yeah! I should bring that!" If I end up with a lot of stuff I don't need, I blame this hour and a half that it took to get out of the house-even though it probably isn't the hour and a half's fault it still gets the blame. We finally pulled out of the driveway at 4:30 a.m. and got about 20 minutes down the road when the luggage carrier on the top of the van kept thumping the roof. This was annoying my mother so she pulled over onto the side of the road and fixed it...It took awhile, but it happened.

So we finally got back on the road. I had no space for my feet so I slept with my feet in the seat or up in the air or some other crazily uncomfortable position until we got to Tallahassee where we stopped for breakfast. When breakfast was over, my dad took my seat, my mom took my dad's spot as the front passenger and I took the driver's seat. Since my name is not on my car insurrance, I couldn't bring it and therefore wanted to drive one last time before I forget how to in 6.5 months. Ha!

I finally got to Pop Century around 2 pm. When I texted Jenn to let her know (she texted me earlier to say what room we were in and that she had my key) she called me and said that she, Megan, and Joe had gone to see Joe's apartment and to go get a new key from the front desk. My parents went over there with me and then helped me bring a few things up to the room. They left to go my aunt's condo and I laid down and probably would have fallen asleep had people not been texting me.

As Disney Must Do's with Stacey was coming on for the third time I texted Jenn to find out how long she'd be. Her response was "Well Mary's there." I figured that meant she was going to be awhile. As I was getting out of that message and going to open a new message I got a text from Mary who had apparently been told the same thing about me by Megan. Ironically, Megan ALSO had Mary's key and she had to get a new one as well. So I grabbed my camera and purse and key and met Mary in the lobby.

We walked back to her room so she could put her things up. We found out that Megan and Jenn were at MK and Mary and I decided we could head that way. We all wanted to ride the monorails anyway. So Mary and I went to catch a bus and there was one that pulled up right as we got up to it (this is important because for the rest of the day EVERYtime we wanted to get on a monorail or a bus, we had amazing luck at being able to get right on it).

As we were on the way to MK Mary told Megan that we were headed over to MK to ride the monorail. Megan told Mary that her and Jenn were on the monorail. So we got there and walked toward the monorail and we stopped to find out where they were. They were headed back to the hotel. So Mary and I decided to go on the monorails. We took the one from MK to the TTC (where I was really thirsty and saw a place that had mango smoothie thing and I got it)  and then the one from the TTC to EPCOT and then we took the bus back to the hotel from EPCOT. When we got back, Jenn and Megan were in the food court and that's where we FINALLY met up with them.

After they ate (Mary and I weren't really hungry) we went to Downtown Disney. We walked around the World of Disney and went in and out of a few stores. We stopped by T-Rex and changed the reservations I made for 8 people to 10. When we got to the magnet store (Magnatron?) we met up with Elliott. For the next little bit we went from store to store and sort of just walked in and stood around and talked for a little bit then walked out. We walked out of the Cirque du  Soleil gift shop  where we met up with Abby. We stood across from House of Blues and the six of us talked for a little bit. Soon we started walking again and then Elliott had to leave.

We ended up next to AMC by a water fountain (and a spinning Aligator) where we waited for Sara who apparently passed by us several times before finding us. During the time we were waiting for Sara, Megan's friend Brent met up with us and said 'hey' then mysteriously left. When Sara got there, we decided to move to tables at Wetzels Pretzels so we could sit around and actually hear each other talking.

Lyanne met us over there while a few people were inside getting pretzels and drinks to keep from fainting before dinner. I got a pretzel after Lyanne got there and ended up only eating half, so I gave the rest to her because she said she was hungry and I wasn't going to eat it then. Lyanne said she'd give me half a pretzel one day. I told her I'd hold her to it. Ha!

A few minutes later Laura showed up and then a few minutes after her, so did Ryan O. There was a guy who was playing the guitar right next to us. Ryan shouted out "Freebird" and the guy played it (at one point he played directly to us which was cool). Then this little kid started breaking it down with these dance moves so Ryan went over and danced too. It turned out the little kid had Down's Syndrome. I don't know. Maybe it was just me, but I found the whole thing sort of inspirational and it made me even more excited to be here.

Right before we decided to leave Wetzel's Suzy(Sp?) an ICP from England came over. After sitting around for a little bit longer all ten of us headed over to T-Rex where we were 13 minutes too early to check in, so we stood around and talked until it was 9:45. A few of us went in to make sure they had a place for us and when they said we needed everybody before he could seat us. So Mary went to get the other people and only came back with two more...bringing the total to 7, so we lost three people: Laura, Suzy, and Ryan.

I guess it's not completely sure if they just didn't want to join or if they didn't think they were invited. All I know is that the 7 of us that did eat had an amazing time. We split two Supersaurus Sampler Platters (brushetta, onion rings, nachos, and quesadillas) and a Footprints Flatbread. It was delicious. We left there around 11 and said goodbye to Lyanne. For dessert, we went to Ghiradelli...and got a free sample of a caramel filled square. Then we said goodbye to Sara and Abby and then the 4 of us at Pop went back to the bus.

I fell asleep shortly after we got back to the room and well you guys know what happened then. At 3:00, Jenn woke up and I explained why I was up. Although I don't think she cared because she fell asleep again shortly after that. It's now 3:49. Jenn's waking up at 4 and I set my alarm for 4:45. We're meeting the gang at Ihop at 5:30 (apparently Ryan O is also crashing this.. I guess we'll find out haha) We'll see how today goes... maybe I can go back to sleep for a little bit. Actually, I'm really thirsty. I think I'm going to find some kind of drink...or ice...hmm...now I wonder how long it'll take me to update this.

EDIT: the Answer is 3 days, although it feels like WEEKS. I'm about to type up a blog from the past 3 days. We'll see if it gets posted tonight or if you have to wait another 3 days.

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