June 13, 2010

1 Hour...

That's how long I have before I leave my house and head off to the next 6.5 months (at least) of my life in Sunny Florida.

I just got finished making a vlog and now I'm waiting for it to upload, but by the time you read this it will have already uploaded so click here to watch.

I've decided that I'll come back to talking about everything that happened the past few months later. I started this blog to waste time for Florida (and to also keep up with while in Florida as well) and since nothing super exciting was happening at that point, I just decided to go back and talk about my experience leading up to this day. Unfortunately for you my dear readers, I'm a very very very bad procrastinator (well I guess you could say I'm a great procrastinator) and now Florida is here! And I can't keep talking about things that happened before when SO MUCH is about to happen right now! I may come back to my phone interview and everything later if I'm in demand or it's been a slow week ha!

In about 49 minutes I'll be running into my parents room and waking them up to start our 8 hour journey to Florida. I'm staying at Pop Century with Jenn (and technically Megan and Mary as well but not all together). I'll be documenting the experience with pictures that I will upload to facebook and depending on how busy I am, here as well.

37 more minutes. I can't believe it's here! Florida, here I come!

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