April 5, 2010

Joining the Group and Losing a Job

So, as I said before, the first thing I needed to do was get a new laptop. Mine had been on the brink of death for at least a year if not two and no matter how many times I asked my parents for a new one, they wouldn't get it. So... I did what I had to do: Black. Friday.
You may call me crazy but I was desperate. I found a super nice laptop and it had a really good deal with it (It's about $700 now, and it was priced at $300) From about 11:00 on Thanksgiving night until 5:00 a.m. when Best Buy opened, my dad and I sat outside in line freezing our butts off. We met some really nice people and made a few memories and best of all by the end of it, I had a new laptop.

By now I was determined that I was going to apply for Fall Advantage 2010. I think this was when I finally joined the Fall Facebook Group. I was hesitant to post at first because I didn't want to get to know everybody and then not get in. Finally I just said "screw it." 

I posted in a few threads and started one about Prince Charming coming to my house [I'll post that link <<here>> because it's a good story :)] but I was still playing it safe. I even downloaded AIM so I could chat if I ever got the chance, but it seemed like I always missed everybody else.

While this was going on, in December I found out that the television station was cutting pay, which was leaving me with no source of income. There was one opening and it was between me and one of my best friends. The final decision was left up to one of our teachers and he took forever to decide. The closer it got to him making the decision, the more and more I just knew I wouldn't get the job, but somehow I knew that if I didn't get this job then I would DEFINITELY get into the CP. 

Finally, one Wednesday I was going to one of my classes that I have with this teacher (side note: I have two classes with this teacher and the best friend in question has all the same classes as me), and as I pulled into the parking lot I actually said out loud "I wish he would just tell me I didn't get the job so I can stop wondering." That day, in class Laura (my friend) got a text from her boss/my former boss telling her that she got the job, and somehow they decided that she should be the one to tell me.

After class she pulled me aside and told me and... yeah, I was a little disappointed because I was the one who got her the job she had in the first place. When it came down to it I guess, we both have the same qualifications and honestly, my teacher just probably picked a name out of a hat. 

To preface what I'm about to say, I am a Christian. No, I'm not going to try to convert you or preach fire and brimstone, but I believe what happened next was sort of a God thing. You may call it coincidence, and if that's what you think, then so be it- I won't argue with you. but remember how I said that I felt that if I didn't get the job, I would get the CP? Well, this Wednesday in question was January 20th-AKA the day applications for the CP went up. I believe that when God closes one door he opens another and for applications to go up the same day I lost this job was just even more of sign that I would get into the CP- something I've waited years (compared to weeks with the other job) to do- That's my sermon for the day. Ha!

Next time: Applications 

April 3, 2010

1st post: About Me

I wasn't going to write a blog. I already have a vlog and I figured that would be enough, but then I started thinking that there will probably be times where I'll have more time to write than to record myself. Also, I'm sort of at a point in my vlogs that I don't have anything to talk about, so I figured I'd start a blog to fill time.

So, to start this CP journey, let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Tracie. I'm a junior at The University of South Alabama in Mobile, Al. I'm a communications major with a concentration in radio/Tv/Film... mostly tv and film. Last year I worked at my school's student-run television station, but this year, they cut pay and I needed money more than I wanted to volunteer there, so I'm not really apart of that anymore. Now I'm working at a CPA firm as the "sign-in queen" as my co-workers have named me. Mostly I do computer work but I do assemble tax returns and field phone calls and on several occasions had to put on a very "Disney" attitude and just smile and pretend that the person on the other end wasn't being a complete idiot/jerk. I just consider it practice. :)

I love Disney and I've been to Disney World at least 11 times. We go as a family almost every year. I found out about the College Program at my Freshman Orientation. I immediately wanted to work there but I had a scholarship and I didn't think it was possible, so it sort of went on the back-burner. I wasn't as good at college as I was at high school and ended up making one low grade too many and lost my scholarship, but by that time I had completely forgotten about the college program. Then, last year at this time, one day I suddenly remembered that the college program existed. I had just gotten out of school, so the cut off day for applications had just expired and that meant I had MONTHS of waiting to apply for spring. When we went to Disney World over the summer I told myself the next time I went to Disney World, I would be working there. As we walked around I pointed out the "Disney Point" to my parents and talked about the different roles that I could do. One day when we were in Hollywood Studios we were at the Magic of Disney Animation and a drawing session had just started so we had like 20 minutes or however long to wait for them to get done. I noticed the CM's tag had his college on it so I said "You're on the college program?" and he was like "Yeah." and I told him I was thinking about applying in the fall for the Spring and he was like "Do it!!" He talked about it for a little bit and I was getting more and more excited for it.

I was in the Spring 2010 group on facebook but not very active. Finally the day came for applications to go up...and I couldn't watch the E-presentation! My computer was almost dead... and not battery dead.. I mean DEAD dead... and I couldn't get on the internet. On another two computers I tried, Adobe didn't work and since they weren't my computers, I didn't want to get into trouble for putting it on there. Another computer just had an awful internet connection and videos just didn't like to play on it. Plus with all of the talk about people failing this new web interview, I guess I just got scared and I left the facebook group and decided I'd try again next time.

The first item on the agenda was getting a new computer.

This is where I will leave you for now.:)
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