May 18, 2010


I'm pretty sure after that class I went home and took a nap. Well, I'm not sure about the nap part, but I know that I went home. I kept refreshing the CP homepage and I never saw anything different. I was sure that they had decided they weren't going to put the applications up on that day. All of a sudden the facebook group exploded...they were up! But I had literally just checked and they weren't there, so I refreshed the page again...they still weren't there! After having a minor freak out I type the address in again and voila! I immediately ran into the living room telling my parents that they were up. Then I went back to begin the process. First I watched the e-presentation all the way through in Google Chrome and then when I got to the application part I pulled up IE. I kept running back and forth between my room and my dad's office asking him questions, making sure that I didn't misunderstand a question and type something retarded or that what I said was good enough. The first time (yes I said first time) one of the pages timed out on me so I had to restart the application. The next time I got to the part where you were supposed to tell them that you watched the e-presentation instead of going to a school, but the e-pres wasn't an option. I thought that it had something to do with the fact that I watched it in a different browser, so I saved the application and then went back and skipped through the E-pres on IE.. I got to the application again and clicked the "continue saved application". It opened up to a BLANK application... so AGAIN I fill out the application and there is still no E-Presentation... so I went the group and freaked out on the wall for a little bit, and somebody replied saying just to put my school down. So I did.

Then came the dreaded web interview. I clicked through all of the instructions getting more and more nervous as it got closer to the actual questions. I kept taking deep breaths and reminding myself of the pointers I'd read: pick extremes, don't contradict yourself, be honest. I forgot the questions as soon as I answered them and it seemed to last forever... it just kept going and going... finally, I could tell it reached the end and it was "thinking" (aka, tallying up the score) then the wonderful "strong candidate" page.  I hadn't realized I was holding my breath until it got to that page. My heart was beating out of my chest. I'd passed! The worst was over it seemed... I was more nervous about the web interview than the phone interview. Of course, I ran into my parents' room and told them, received a high five from my dad and a "that's wonderful!" from my mom. I ran back to my room and noticed that people were chatting, so I went to AIM and introduced myself and met what I now refer to as my D-Fam.