October 18, 2011

The Alphabet Challenge: An Introduction

I've decided to do something I've seen done before, but hopefully put my own spin on things. My plan is to go through the alphabet and pick something related to the DCP that starts with each letter.  This will help me organize my thoughts a little better, hopefully. Things will probably be sort of random so bear with me. What I'm going to try to do is explain what it is I'm talking about, then maybe give an anecdote or two of my own. Such as when we get to roommates, I'll explain the roommate selection process and then tell you about all 11 (I only lived in a 3-bedroom apartment) of my roommates- it's interesting to say the least. Obviously some entries will be longer/shorter than others.

PLEASE let me know what you would like to hear/learn about and I'll try to find a place to put it in the alphabet.

August 30, 2011

An actual blog update

I've been back home for quite some time now. I got back in January and it's already almost September. The CP experience was one of the best things I've ever done. Possibly THE best thing I've ever done. So much so that I want to go back. In fact, I've been apart of the Fall 2012 group for awhile and yesterday I posted a link to this blog. I figured maybe I should start updating it when I get the chance (Although, it is my senior year of college, so we'll see how this goes).

I really hate that I didn't update as much while I was there. Looking back over the first few blogs I was reminded of things I had forgotten about and I'm glad I wrote about them so I could look back over and remember these things. All the same, I was looking back over old status updates on facebook and was again reminded of things I had forgotten about. What I've decided to do is to start from where I left off after the second (or third?) post about applications and the interview process, and then, once I've caught up, I'll pick up again from the first week (using facebook statuses and pictures to help me remember certain events) it may not be as much of a play-by-play as it is overall topics such as "roommates", "magical moments" "The bus" (-.-).    I'll leave that up to you though! Let me know how you think I should do it and if you have anything you want to know more about specifically, let me know as well! I'm looking forward to hearing from people and sharing my CP journey with everybody (and allowing myself to remember everything!)

May 30, 2011

My Picture slideshow

This is my CP Experience through pictures:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jh93CKye3bg
These are what the pictures are from in case you were curious.

00:15-00:18- Me and My Purple folder
00:19-00:26- On the way to Pop Century. I drove the last half of the trip.
00:27-Check-in Day
00:29-00:36- 1st Pic was from when Mary and Jenn came to see me and work and I didn't realize they were taking pictures. The rest were us goofing off in our costumes the day we got them, like our 4th day there.
00:38-Mary Jenn and Tracie hand hug. :)
00:41- Me, Mary, and Megan on the Tram. I think this was our first day in the park right after Traditions. And one of the few times I rode the tram while I was there.
00:43- Me, Megan, and Abby on Thunder Mountain. I was freaking out and holding onto Abby.
00:45-00:46- Me, Carrie, and Chloe on Dinosaur.
00:47- Graduation!
00:49-00:52- I'm not sure if they do this in other parts, but in Toontown Merchandise, our managers wrote up a newsletter thing almost everyday and would include stories about going above and beyond, or magical moments and these were three stories that I had been apart of.
00:53-00:55- A group of us got together to see the cast preview of the Boo to You! Parade. One Word: AWESOME!!
00:56-1:23- Hanging out with Mary Jenn. Most of these were withing two days I believe.
1:24-1:29- I went to see Starkid at Infinitus 2010 and saw AVPS. And yes, in the last picture, the guy on the far left is Darren Criss (Aka: Blaine from Glee)
1:30-1:31- the Castle unlit and lit
1:32- The EPCOT Ball the first day in the parks.
1:34-1:36- A double rainbow at Rock the Universe at Universal Studios
1:37-1:38- A double rainbow on my way to work.
1:39-1:41- The beautiful Orlando sky.
1:42- Looking out over the World Showcase Lagoon
1:44- In the second seat from left to right Jenn, Me, Lyanne. In last seat from left to right Sean, Jennifer K, Kendall. You can barely see it, but somebody left a pair of Minnie Mouse Ears in the holder in front of Kendall so when we got to the camera he put them on for the picture.
1:45- Me, Lyanne, and Alejandro are sitting in the back doing hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.
1:47- At MNSSHP outside of Haunted Mansion. The hitchhiking ghosts.
1:48- Toontown :'(
1:49- Food and Wine Festival :)
1:50- 15 years of Food and Wine Festival
1:51- Meeting the Boss
1:52- Dream Builders Sign "You don't build it for yourself. You know what the people want and you build it for them."-Walt Disney
1:53- EPCOT Character spot- where I spent my birthday :)
1:53/1:54- A Birthday card we made for Miguel. The Princesses had come out in the store, and I got them to sign it for him.
1:54- MINIONADE!!! AKA Fairy Juice and PIxie dust.
1:55-1:58- Hanson at the America Pavillion.
1:58-2:02- Rock the Universe at Universal. Kutless, Hawk Nelson, and Skillet.
2:03- Dani's last day of work. And my second to last day.
2:04- The princesses were in the store!
2:05- Mickey and Minnie were in the store!
2:06- Moraiba held the closing meeting inside of Minnie's House.
2:07- Our last dance party as a group. Melissa Jo and I were looking at this little kid who was standing on his head.
2:08- Best group of CPs ever!
2:09- Me and Stephanie! My first Chinese friend, but certainly not my last.
2:10- Me and Lowrie/Me and Mary
2:11- 2:36- MNSSHP. I went to two of them.
2:38-Carrie, me, Chloe, and Shelby hanging out at AK
2:39- At The American Adventure
2:40- the day before check-in at the Pop
2:41-2:46-Pictures with Cinderella characters at 1900 Park Faire.
2:46-2:48- Meeting Frontierland Donald. Donald may be my new favorite character.
2:49- Sean, Kendall, Lyanne, and I. We just got off of Kali River Rapids. Before we got on Lyanne said "I kind of want to get soaked" and guess what? -.-
2:49- Dann's last day right after we ate at Chik-fil-a
2:50- Paige, Me, and Lyanne. About to watch Summer Nighttastic
2:51- Team CATSY! Sergio, Alyssa, Yuki, Colley, and Me. Our Communications class.
2:51- Me and Teighlor, the best roomie ever!
2:52- Adina, Brenda, Me
2:53- Me, Pluto and Teighlor on my birthday
2:54- Christmas Goofy at EPCOT
2:55-2:58- MK
2:59- Me and Carrie
3:00- Lauren, Me, Molly F, and Katherine
3:00-Carrie, Chloe, Shelby, Me at Blizzard Beach
3:01- Me with Minionade
3:02- Lyanne, Me, and Mexican Donald.  We popped out foot like he does.
3:03- Me and our waiter at 50's Prime Time Diner
3:04- At AK
3:05-3:06- At Blizzard Beach
3:07- At AK with Carrie and Shelby
3:08- The Kitchen Sink with Molly, Lyanne, and Ben after the Hanson Concert.
3:08- Me and Teighlor
3:09- in a phonebooth on my birthday
3:10- Hidden Mickey at EPCOT
3:11- Me and the guy who used to be friends with Ken in the Barbie show at EPCOT and now hosts the Behind the Scenes of the Christmas Parade and is a performer in Finding Nemo the Musical.
3:12- Candlelight Processional with Corbin Bernson- Henry on Psych!
3:13-3:20- MVMCP- I got sick on that night afterwards, but the party was fun.
3:21-3:28 Me and My coworkers/Coordinators/Manger! In order: Andre, Jan, Laura, Lorena, Lamar, Mary, Michelle, Miguel, and Nikki
3:29-3:40- Graduation :( Last pic: Ben, Lyanne, Pluto, Me, and Matthew