August 30, 2011

An actual blog update

I've been back home for quite some time now. I got back in January and it's already almost September. The CP experience was one of the best things I've ever done. Possibly THE best thing I've ever done. So much so that I want to go back. In fact, I've been apart of the Fall 2012 group for awhile and yesterday I posted a link to this blog. I figured maybe I should start updating it when I get the chance (Although, it is my senior year of college, so we'll see how this goes).

I really hate that I didn't update as much while I was there. Looking back over the first few blogs I was reminded of things I had forgotten about and I'm glad I wrote about them so I could look back over and remember these things. All the same, I was looking back over old status updates on facebook and was again reminded of things I had forgotten about. What I've decided to do is to start from where I left off after the second (or third?) post about applications and the interview process, and then, once I've caught up, I'll pick up again from the first week (using facebook statuses and pictures to help me remember certain events) it may not be as much of a play-by-play as it is overall topics such as "roommates", "magical moments" "The bus" (-.-).    I'll leave that up to you though! Let me know how you think I should do it and if you have anything you want to know more about specifically, let me know as well! I'm looking forward to hearing from people and sharing my CP journey with everybody (and allowing myself to remember everything!)