May 30, 2011

My Picture slideshow

This is my CP Experience through pictures:
These are what the pictures are from in case you were curious.

00:15-00:18- Me and My Purple folder
00:19-00:26- On the way to Pop Century. I drove the last half of the trip.
00:27-Check-in Day
00:29-00:36- 1st Pic was from when Mary and Jenn came to see me and work and I didn't realize they were taking pictures. The rest were us goofing off in our costumes the day we got them, like our 4th day there.
00:38-Mary Jenn and Tracie hand hug. :)
00:41- Me, Mary, and Megan on the Tram. I think this was our first day in the park right after Traditions. And one of the few times I rode the tram while I was there.
00:43- Me, Megan, and Abby on Thunder Mountain. I was freaking out and holding onto Abby.
00:45-00:46- Me, Carrie, and Chloe on Dinosaur.
00:47- Graduation!
00:49-00:52- I'm not sure if they do this in other parts, but in Toontown Merchandise, our managers wrote up a newsletter thing almost everyday and would include stories about going above and beyond, or magical moments and these were three stories that I had been apart of.
00:53-00:55- A group of us got together to see the cast preview of the Boo to You! Parade. One Word: AWESOME!!
00:56-1:23- Hanging out with Mary Jenn. Most of these were withing two days I believe.
1:24-1:29- I went to see Starkid at Infinitus 2010 and saw AVPS. And yes, in the last picture, the guy on the far left is Darren Criss (Aka: Blaine from Glee)
1:30-1:31- the Castle unlit and lit
1:32- The EPCOT Ball the first day in the parks.
1:34-1:36- A double rainbow at Rock the Universe at Universal Studios
1:37-1:38- A double rainbow on my way to work.
1:39-1:41- The beautiful Orlando sky.
1:42- Looking out over the World Showcase Lagoon
1:44- In the second seat from left to right Jenn, Me, Lyanne. In last seat from left to right Sean, Jennifer K, Kendall. You can barely see it, but somebody left a pair of Minnie Mouse Ears in the holder in front of Kendall so when we got to the camera he put them on for the picture.
1:45- Me, Lyanne, and Alejandro are sitting in the back doing hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.
1:47- At MNSSHP outside of Haunted Mansion. The hitchhiking ghosts.
1:48- Toontown :'(
1:49- Food and Wine Festival :)
1:50- 15 years of Food and Wine Festival
1:51- Meeting the Boss
1:52- Dream Builders Sign "You don't build it for yourself. You know what the people want and you build it for them."-Walt Disney
1:53- EPCOT Character spot- where I spent my birthday :)
1:53/1:54- A Birthday card we made for Miguel. The Princesses had come out in the store, and I got them to sign it for him.
1:54- MINIONADE!!! AKA Fairy Juice and PIxie dust.
1:55-1:58- Hanson at the America Pavillion.
1:58-2:02- Rock the Universe at Universal. Kutless, Hawk Nelson, and Skillet.
2:03- Dani's last day of work. And my second to last day.
2:04- The princesses were in the store!
2:05- Mickey and Minnie were in the store!
2:06- Moraiba held the closing meeting inside of Minnie's House.
2:07- Our last dance party as a group. Melissa Jo and I were looking at this little kid who was standing on his head.
2:08- Best group of CPs ever!
2:09- Me and Stephanie! My first Chinese friend, but certainly not my last.
2:10- Me and Lowrie/Me and Mary
2:11- 2:36- MNSSHP. I went to two of them.
2:38-Carrie, me, Chloe, and Shelby hanging out at AK
2:39- At The American Adventure
2:40- the day before check-in at the Pop
2:41-2:46-Pictures with Cinderella characters at 1900 Park Faire.
2:46-2:48- Meeting Frontierland Donald. Donald may be my new favorite character.
2:49- Sean, Kendall, Lyanne, and I. We just got off of Kali River Rapids. Before we got on Lyanne said "I kind of want to get soaked" and guess what? -.-
2:49- Dann's last day right after we ate at Chik-fil-a
2:50- Paige, Me, and Lyanne. About to watch Summer Nighttastic
2:51- Team CATSY! Sergio, Alyssa, Yuki, Colley, and Me. Our Communications class.
2:51- Me and Teighlor, the best roomie ever!
2:52- Adina, Brenda, Me
2:53- Me, Pluto and Teighlor on my birthday
2:54- Christmas Goofy at EPCOT
2:55-2:58- MK
2:59- Me and Carrie
3:00- Lauren, Me, Molly F, and Katherine
3:00-Carrie, Chloe, Shelby, Me at Blizzard Beach
3:01- Me with Minionade
3:02- Lyanne, Me, and Mexican Donald.  We popped out foot like he does.
3:03- Me and our waiter at 50's Prime Time Diner
3:04- At AK
3:05-3:06- At Blizzard Beach
3:07- At AK with Carrie and Shelby
3:08- The Kitchen Sink with Molly, Lyanne, and Ben after the Hanson Concert.
3:08- Me and Teighlor
3:09- in a phonebooth on my birthday
3:10- Hidden Mickey at EPCOT
3:11- Me and the guy who used to be friends with Ken in the Barbie show at EPCOT and now hosts the Behind the Scenes of the Christmas Parade and is a performer in Finding Nemo the Musical.
3:12- Candlelight Processional with Corbin Bernson- Henry on Psych!
3:13-3:20- MVMCP- I got sick on that night afterwards, but the party was fun.
3:21-3:28 Me and My coworkers/Coordinators/Manger! In order: Andre, Jan, Laura, Lorena, Lamar, Mary, Michelle, Miguel, and Nikki
3:29-3:40- Graduation :( Last pic: Ben, Lyanne, Pluto, Me, and Matthew