June 23, 2010

All the days run together here

So, when I started this entry the opening went like this: these past three/four days have been the longest three/four days of my entire life. It feels like weeks. Monday night we were already saying "yesterday at Ihop" and then were like, wait..that was today! I've now been here about a week and a half and it feels like a month.
So I guess I'll start from where I left off. Heads up: may be a super long blog.
So after I finished typing up that last blog, I went to get ice. At 3:55, (now I can't remember if that was right before I got ice or right after I go back) the phone rang. Jenn sat up and stared at it, so I grabbed it. It was very confusing because I heard music and then "thank you for holding" or something like that. Then I heard Goofy and put the phone to where Jenn and I could both hear it. But Jenn didn't seem to care (she was still basically asleep). So I put it back up to my ear and heard Mickey saying something about the Magic Kingdom. I was having trouble making everything out so I just hung up the phone but still sort of felt like the little girl in that old Disney commercial who picks up the phone and turns to her parents and is like "It's GOOFY!" or something. Yes.
So we got ready and met up with Megan and Mary. Riding with Megan and Susan (the GPS) was an... experience to say the least. When we got there, Sara wasn't there because she over slept but Ryan did join us. My favorite part of Ihop though had to be our waitress and I'll tell you why. I still wasn't feeling 100% (The nauseous feeling kept coming back all day, although nothing ever came of it thank God) and I couldn't eat so I got a water. After a few minutes I said "Gosh, I just don't feel well at all." Ryan, who was sitting beside me, turned to me and was like "It's morning sickness." Sarcastically I said "Oh yeah, I'm pregnant." About that time our waitress had come up and said "Congratulations!" She was joking (at least I think we all assumed she was joking) and Ryan was still laughing about it five minutes later. It was fun to hang out with everybody before hand though, even though I didn't get my cheesecake pancakes :( But hopefully we'll go again one day when I'm actually feeling okay and get them.
Anyway, after we left, we went to Vista to check in. We were the first ones there and after waiting and hiking over to the Pavillion we were the first ones in line as well. We ended up in a 3 bedroom in Vista. It was the only complex that had three bedrooms available. It wasn't what we wanted but we're making it work. We re-arranged the living room about 3 or four times. I was apart of it everytime ironically, but somebody different was there with me everytime. We finally got it adjusted to where we all like it and it feels super homey. After getting checked in and everything we went to casting where I found out I'd be be working at Magic Kingdom (from here on  referred to as MK) at Toontown. When I got to a certain point where they gave me my training schedule (well, part of it) it said that I was supposed to be working at the American Adventure at EPCOT. I would have been fine with either of them but I ended up having to wait in an office to get my new schedule (which even though has MK stuff on it, still says I'm working AA at the top. Oh well, the times are all that matters) Luckily, Megan has Toontown as well, so we're going to be working together... maybe. Mostly likely, at least once, if not more.
After all of this was done, I went to eat with my aunt and cousins and my parents and sister. While we were out, Sara text me and said that she was leaving. I was kind of bummed about it, but it's cool.
The next day we had a housing meeting. On the way back, we found out we were getting a new roommate. Her name is Paige and she works at DHS QSFB on Sunset BLVD and I'm only 5 days older than her. After we met her, we went to eat at Chik-Fil-A (there's one super close to Vista and we had coupons) afterward we had to drop Abby off because she left her social security card at home so she had to take a special bus to get it. I'm pretty sure that it was on the way to Chik-Fil-A when this happened. The five of us (Me, Abby, Jenn, Mary and Megan) were leaving and at the apartments you'll get used to seeing people walking around in their costumes like it's no big deal. Well we saw a guy and Abby said "I like his costume." He was wearing dark brown shorts, a short sleeve collared shirt with the same color brown, and a straw hat with a funky colored ribbon thing around it. As he got closer, we all saw the yellow patch on his shirt. I think it was Jenn who then said "UPS?" We all proceeded to laugh insanely hard at this and still occasionally break out into fits of laughter, and I'm sure it'll be a running joke everytime we see UPS.
Anyway, after we dropped Abby off at the Pavillion, we went grocery shopping. You should have seen the way we piled four sets of groceries into Megan's car. We are very talented people. We have to be to have gotten all of these bags in.
After we went grocery shopping we picked Abby up and went to Target and bought more roomie items or things that we forgot to pick up at Wal-mart. While we were there, I got an Icee. When we were leaving, Megan pulled out the drinks we had in the cup holders and I offered to throw the cups away when we pulled around to the front. So Megan hands me the drinks and dump them out and put them on top of the car along with my Icee and opend the door. I'm not sure if I'd actually opened it before the Icee fell over or not, but the Icee did indeed fall over. Jenn started saying "Oh my god" over and over again and then Abby, who was putting the basket up started saying it too-even without hearing Jenn. I found the whole thing utterly hilarious and could not stop laughing for about five minutes. Then the spot on my shirt was red and at first they said it looked like I had gotten shot, then as we were driving away we saw a duck attack another duck and somebody suggested "Can we just say Tracie got attacked by a duck?" And that is the official story.
 Wednesday was Traditions. the first 30 minutes I wanted to fall asleep but the rest was super fun and I even got a miniature Mickey that says "it all started with a mouse." I somehow also ended up with two nametags. I saw my name and picked it up then realized my name was there again right behind it, so I looked at them and they both had my college on it and everything so Ben (one of the instructor people-the other was Sara) told me that I got to keep them both and I have an extra one if I needed it. I've decided to leave that one in my purse so in case I walk off without my name tag I've got one, so that's cool.
After we got back from Traditions we went to MK. I ate at Cosmic Rays and got a Disney cheeseburger- something I had been craving for the past 2 months. Then I scoped out Toontown and met up with Abby, Megan and Mary. Jenn wasn't feeling  well and Paige had work. We rode Pirates of the Caribbean, then Haunted Mansion,  then Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and finally Buzz Lightyear. Then we hopped over to EPCOT and rode Spaceship Earth and got our future videos. Mine and Megan's is hilarious, just because of the face Megan made.  After that, I walked around while they rode Mission: Space... at least I think they rode it... Anyway... afterward we went to France and got food (I got chocolate mousse) and then we watched Illuminations- something I hadn't seen in a long time.  After that, we left.
Thursday I had park orientation with Joseph and Jo Ellen. "Once Upon a Time...Is Now" was so much fun. I loved it! I wish I could do park orientation everday...well as long as I don't have to wear dress shoes. The roomies went to DHS and I stayed home because my feet were killing me and I had work the next day. My first day of training was with Lenore on Friday. I was with Megan and a lady named Mary. Lenore was great. The whole group of trainers were. They were all super friendly. Megan and I saw them the next day when we ate at the Mouseketeeria during Merchantainment.  We sat down with them and talked for a little bit.
Saturday was Merchantainment...like I said before. It wasn't very interesting... borderline boring. BUT important information was being given. So pay attention! I went to see Toy Story 3 later that night with roomie Mary, Paige, Kelsey (a girl I met at Traditions and she was in Merchantainment with me too) her friend, Michelle and a guy they met named Eric. It was soooo good. I highly suggest it.
Sunday, Megan was off so I had training with Dianne by myself... well there was another girl too. Her first name just completely left me, but it started with an M. Monday I had my last day of training and took my assessement and officially "earned my ears" although, I'm waiting until the end of this week to take off my "earning my ears" ribbon so I have an excuse if I mess up something. HA!
Yesterday was my first day alone and I worked until closing and then today I opened. The good news is I'm off tomorrow. Yay! And I also get paid tomorrow. Yay! Work Friday and then I actually get an actual weekend! I'm off Saturday and Sunday! At some point tomorrow I need to stop by costuming and turn in my clothes and get new ones.  I'll try to update more often, just to reduce the size of these entries, but we'll see how that works.

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